CD: ‘‘His Life’’ - The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning

Product number: 42-6014603-014-9

Film Music from the Documentary Film "The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning" Burkhard Pesch, composer Recorded by the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg

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Film Music from the Documentary Film

Burkhard Pesch, composer
‘His Life’ - The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning                

Original Film Music
Recorded by the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg

CD: GLN 42-6014603-014-9

75 Minutes

Arranged as a symphony, the musical themes vividly bring to life the remarkable events around Bruno Gröning and his time. They explore the message of the film to its depths and give shape to what is inexpressible through film technology alone. The music sensitively describes the dramatic life struggle of this man: how the working of a higher power revealed itself to him, but violent opposing forces arose against him in protest.


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Burkhard Pesch