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Spiritual help and healing through the teachings of Bruno Groening:

that is the central focus of Grete Häusler GmbH. Bruno Groening’s teachings, the events surrounding him in the 1950s, the healings today − these are all topics covered in the works of our publishing house.

With the growing awareness of holistic medicine, the possibility of spiritual healing is receiving more and more attention, even in medical circles.

Bruno Groening (1906 - 1959) - an extraordinary man

Germany 1949
Thousands of people flock to Wilhelm’s Square in the Westphalian city of Herford: the lame, the deaf, the war-disabled, the aged and children. They wait all day long and throughout the night. Finally the long sought-after happens. A slim man steps onto the balcony of a villa, his blue eyes shining in his distinctive face as he speaks to the seekers of healing. Soon the crowd begins to stir. Shouts ring out over the square. “I am well, I am well!“ “I can move my arms!“ “My pain is gone!” “He is walking; he is walking again!“

Faces that had been drawn by affliction moments before now beam with happiness. “Groening did help!” someone shouts, but the humble man on the balcony ignores it, saying, “Don’t thank me, thank God. He did it.”
In the spring of 1949 Bruno Groening came into the public spotlight almost overnight. The newspapers were full of reports on the happenings in Herford. The man from Danzig was already aware of his special abilities as a child, and sick people animals would become well when they came near him. All his life he regarded it as his calling to help the suffering, whether during his childhood, at the front, as a prisoner-of-war or later while speaking to tens of thousands of people. His great of compassion always had priority.

News of the great healings went around the world. People came from England, Poland, Hungary and the USA, from all classes and levels of society. Bruno Groening was offered large sums of money, gold, villas and luxurious automobiles. He vehemently rejected such offers, saying, “Health cannot be purchased; it is a gift of God.”
The sensational healings attracted not only seekers of help; well known personalities from the realms of science and politics were also drawn to the scene. Some of them supported him in his work, while others were against him. They stopped at nothing to stop Bruno Groening’s activity. He was dogged by healing prohibitions and was taken to court. All of his attempts to provide an orderly structure for his work failed. He died in Paris in January, 1959.

But his words would later prove to be true. “They will lay my body in the earth, but I will not be dead. And when someone calls me I will come and go on helping. When the time comes, everyone will be able to acquire help and healing by himself.”
Bruno Groening’s activity continues to grow. Today a large number of medically documented success reports attest to the effectiveness of his teachings. He left behind knowledge of the absorption of a spiritual healing energy, the so-called “Heilstrom”.


Grete Häusler assisted Bruno Groening in his work for many years. To assure the preservation of his knowledge, she founded the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends in 1979. Later, when no publisher was willing to bring out her first book, “Here is the Truth about Bruno Groening,” she decided to do it herself, founding Grete Häusler Publishers, Inc. in 1986 to this end.

Today the range of goods it offers is wide and varied: books, audio-books, music-CDs, DVDs, videos and calendars as well as the Information Magazine of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. In addition to German, most of the items are also in English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Polish..

All work Is done voluntarily and without remuneration.

Just as in the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, all work in Grete Häusler Publishers, Inc. is performed by in the spirit of charity by volunteers in their spare time. Authors, composers, singers and musicians as well as people in the management and all other departments of the Publishers work without remuneration.

Further information on spiritual help and healing through the teachings of Bruno Groening can be found on the internet site of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends at www.bruno-groening.org.