Bruno Gröning - I give you to know

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The teaching of Bruno Gröning

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Bruno Gröning - I give you to know

Quotes from Bruno Gröning arranged by subject

by Christoph Pesch and Birgit Häusler


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ISBN 978-3-86769-239-7

Bruno Gröning: This, my Teaching, is real life wisdom by which many of my friends already live, and in so doing have had success.

With these few words, Bruno Gröning summarises the aim and direction of his teaching. This fundamental work reveals exactly what lies behind them. A wealth of quotations from countless lectures, stenographed speeches, handwritten notes, interviews and other documents have been compiled and organised thematically. This resulted in over one hundred chapters in nine large thematic blocks. A rich collection of profound wisdom that shows the extraordinary knowledge Bruno Gröning possessed.