Bruno Gröning - Among Us Stands ONE Whom No One Knows

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Grete Häusler:

Bruno Gröning - Among Us Stands ONE Whom No One Knows


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ISBN 978-3-86769-237-3


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Josef Hohmann, school principal, historian and passionate metaphysical scientist, met Bruno

Gröning in May 1955. His interest in the Gröning phenomenon was primarily of a scientific nature.

He was very sceptical about Gröning and wanted to prove him a charlatan. However, through his

personal experience he convinced himself not only of Gröning’s successes, but also of his integrity and the importance of his mission. For this reason, at the end of 1956, as a result of his research, he wrote this treatise, with the intention of establishing an understandable and concrete basis for Gröning’s work. In conclusion he writes:

“His miraculous successes are so unique that he has already gained the status of an historic personality. Future generations will concern themselves with his life and work. Let us see that we, as his fellow human beings, stand before history without reaping insult or disgrace.”

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