Ich lebe, damit die Menschheit wird weiterleben können (englisch)_E-Book

Artikelnummer: 31023_EN

Grete Häusler/Thomas Eich I Live so that Mankind Will Continue to Live

E-book version: Order Nr.: 31023_EN Print version: 151 pages, 12.5 x 19.0 cm 27 picture, black and white 1 picture, colored ISBN 978-3-933344-90-8 This short biography of Bruno Gröning illustrates the most memorable stages of his life: the mass onslaught of the sick in 1949, the unbelievable healings, but also the obstacles and adversarial forces, the money makers who plagued him and the healing ban that dogged him. The reader is shown what Bruno Gröning took upon himself to make the path to God free for all humankind and to make it possible for suffering human beings to go on living.