Wahrheit hat allein Bestand (englisch)

Artikelnummer: 978-3-86769-110-9

References from back then and today

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Thomas Eich (Editor)

„Die Wahrheit hat allein Bestand“

[‘Only the Truth Endures’]

References from back then and today


123 pages, paperback

19,0 x 12,5 cm

ISBN 978-3-86769-110-9


This writing is meant as a reference book, a collection of writings from those who wrote positive articles, books, and editorials about Bruno Gröning, as well as those individuals around the world who voiced testimony to the working of Bruno Gröning and honored him. The collection is rounded off with letters of petition written to Bruno Gröning from doctors in the year 1949, as well as healing reports from back then and the opinions of doctors today and current success reports.
Thomas Eich