Bruno Gröning - Revolution in der Medizin (englisch)

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Rehabilitation eines Verkannten; Eine ärztliche Dokumentation

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Dr. Matthias Kamp
Bruno Gröning - A Revolution in Medicine
Rehabilitation of a man who was misunderstood
A medical documentation


480 pages, bound

29 pictures, black and white

4 picture, multicoloured

23,0 x 15,5 cm

ISBN 978-3-933344-63-2


In the fifties, the healings that occurred through Bruno Gröning kindled the feelings of millions. He died in 1959, but even today his words, “There is nothing incurable, God is the greatest physician”, are still proving their validity through medically documented healings. At the present time, thousands of people continue to experience help and healing through his teaching. The author - a doctor by profession - has personally verified many healings. Through many years of research into the effect of Bruno Gröning’s work, he has come to recognize in it a “Revolution in Medicine”.
Dr. Matthias Kamp